DIY Kits with Supervision

ToughNet prides itself on the quality of the product that it offers horticultural producers. This is reflected in its commitment to customers who opt to install their own ToughNet systems. Every DIY kit sold comes with a bank of on-site supervision hours for the training and demonstration of key points in the installation process. ToughNet staff will explain and show growers the techniques used to simply and safely install hail net structures. In addition to supervision, phone support is also available. Kits can range from trellis to full netting systems.



ToughNet can organise installation through its own installation crew. ToughNet guarantees that you will be happy with the quality of its work and the condition of your orchard after the installation process is complete.





Net or Trellis repairs. If you require assistance in replacing net on your existing structure or repairing infrastructure we can assist. We also roll and unroll net.