Hail Release Structures

While the ToughNet system is designed as a support system for crop protection it can and has been used as a trellis system for newly planted trees in the first instance with the erection of net being left until the first crop is ready to be protected. This idea can be used to spread the costs over a few years.

A range of trellis variations can be used, contact ToughNet about your specific needs.

Bird and Flying Fox Protection Structures

ToughNet can supply a range of high quality bird nets that can be used over permanent structure or, as seasonally required, directly over crops. With a range of net widths and net types and hole sizes available. Bird Net can be sourced in a range of thicknesses from 30gsm to 60gsm. There is no reason to settle for second best when it comes to protecting your valuable crop from bird damage. Bird netting is also available in a range of colours.

All bird nets have a ten year written U/V warranty.

The cage type structures can also be built to your requirements.

If you have a project that you think is a little different, or are not sure where to start regarding the design and installation of a protective canopy, contact ToughNet.

Product Accessories

Our most popular and durable option is galvanised steel tube. Contact ToughNet for the full range of sizes, specifications and pricing.

ToughNet can design a system utilising any existing hail net structures or posts and has access to a range of fittings and components for use on both Softwood and Hardwood posts.

ToughNet can supply all your wire, cable, anchorage and fixture needs to complete a new block or simply repair an existing structure.

Hail Nets - Knitted

ToughNet can supply knitted nets for your next crop protection or net replacement project. With competitive prices for quality knitted hail net.



  1. All hail nets have a ten year written U/V warranty.
  2. Hail nets can be sourced in a range of sizes to fit from 3 to 6 metre rows.
  3. Hail nets come in four different colours with the U/V blockout rating different for each colour.
  4. White net has a 9-10% U/V blockout
  5. Baize net has an 11-12% U/V blockout.
  6. Green net has a 14-15% U/V blockout
  7. Black net has an 18% U/V blockout.

Speak to ToughNet today to discuss the possibilities for your next netting project and get sound, scientifically based assistance from a company with real fruit growing experience.

CoverUp Net

Coverup Net is a rapid roll-out solution for crop protection, the net can be thrown over the trees by hand or applied with a NetWizz™, which is a tractor attachment. The net is applied after pollination and removed prior to harvest. Our CoverUp Net solution can be supplied with a trellis structure to keep the net off the trees.